Designed to bring out the light within...

Each piece is individually hand-shaped by Bryce in a stationary torch at 2000 ℉ at our home studio, with the utmost care and attention to detail. Therefore each piece is special and unique. ❤︎


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    Caring for your Jewelry

    We ❤ that you have chosen a piece of our jewelry and hope that you enjoy it as much as we love creating it.  Here are our recommendations to care for your new purchase.

     Caring for the glass:

    Your new piece is made out of one of the strongest materials there is, highly resistant to heat, cold and all the elements. However, as with any glass item, we recommend being careful when manipulating it around hard surfaces like tile, concrete, etc., to prevent it from breaking should it fall.  Also, to clean the glass, rub it gently with your sunglasses cleaning cloth or similar fabric.

    Caring for the Sterling Silver parts:

    Due to exposure to oxygen, moisture or sulfur Sterling silver naturally tends to tarnish over time, resulting in a darker tone.  However, properly storing, wearing and caring for your jewelry piece will help minimize this risk.

    We recommend:

    • Storing your jewelry in a dry and air-tight place.
    • Wearing it often, but always remove it when showering, sunbathing, swimming and before applying lotion, perfume, etc.. Also, when working around foods or chemicals that contain sulfur (i.e. eggs, household cleaners).
    • Polishing it before it becomes too tarnished using a nonabrasive cloth.

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