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    Inspired by organic shapes found in nature, the basic structure is either turned on a lathe, cast or spun (if in metal), hand-shaped or constructed. dyes, paints, burning, and carving  add complexity to the designs.

    Made in the USA (OR)

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      designed and patented here in the United States by William Bounds in the 60’s is actually a crusher, not a grinder. This mechanism works on compression. Each mechanism has an industrial grade ceramic rotor that crushes the salt or pepper against the stainless steel hull. The other feature that makes this mechanism unique is, because of its design, the adjustment is the opposite of most grinders sold today. By tightening the knob you can achieve a coarser grind or by loosening the knob for a finer grind. And because of this design, if you keep the adjustment in the fine position and pull up on the top while turning back and forth the grind will become coarser. When you let go of the top it will return to the fine setting.

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