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 WHO IS Arts Plus Gallery? 

1978  Arts Plus Gallery opens as a paint your own ceramic studio
(Sam's mom and a partner start the business.  A  few months later partner leaves.  Enter Sam... pouring molds, firing up kilns and more!)

1980  Ceramics are out, art supplies are in.  Custom picture framing                   becomes a new service.
1987  A two story addition is added to relocate the workshop.                              Workshop now becomes area for art supplies, front becomes art               gallery.  Second floor is office space for rent.
1992  Art supplies are out.  Renovations begin on back room to make                 room for Handmade gift items.
1993  We buy out Sams moms share of the business.
1998  We buy the building from Sams parents.
1999  We convert the office space above the workshop to a 2 bedroom               apartment. 

All along we have been making changes to the interior, exterior and expanding the handmade gifts section .  We have always been in a constant cycle of small changes; always trying to make Arts Plus Gallery the best that we can offer.  

2023 We celebrate 45 years! 

Sam has been here since the beginning.  In 1993 I came in full time (after I quit my paying job with benefits, hoping and also               knowing it was the right decision).   The rest is his/her story.   
how this business started in 1978
handmade gallery sign

See how we have grown over the last 40 years!

This is how it all started!

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