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Did you know that 99.9% of our merchandise in the gallery is made in the USA, Canada and locally? We carry a few lines made in Italy, France, and Spain.

 We have a some items made in Guatemala, India and South Africa which are under the Fair Trade Federation ensuring fair wages and good working conditions.   Some of our lines pay it forward to health, food and global organizations here and around the world.

We also carry many items that are eco friendly, organic and promote social good that are NOT sold on Amazon.

AND many women owned companies!

Here are just a few... but when  you click on the artists category if there is a story to tell we will tell it there. 

Blue Q is a company where   items are made in the USA, India and China, They are located in Massachusetts and  hire a number of people with disabilities.  They are two brothers who treat their employees very well and give back 1% off all sales to Doctors Without Borders and hunger relief programs throughout the world. Since 2014 to date they have donated over $1,000,000  to Doctors Without Borders!!  

Conscious Step Socks-  not only does every purchase empower the causes you care about in support of a better world, we’ve done better at every step in our production process, so you can feel great about your new favorite socks.

Basic Spirit is made in Canada 


Thumbprint Hand painted candles

Hand crafted American made art, Artisan made home decor, one of a kind gifts,  custom picture framing, photo restoration service

Clarkware Pottery

"Beautifully Simple" Clarkware Pottery is food, oven, microwave and dishwasher safe and made of strong stoneware clay to stand up to the joys of everyday use. It is both functional and decorative.

Ocean Heirloom Lace Pottery is made one at a time using the drape-molding slab method powered by a heavy rolling pin and elbow grease- an absolute labor of love! Imperfections such as minor warping, slight glaze color variations and non-factory-made shapes and sizes are the true nature of individually handmade pottery and are not to be considered flaws. Therefore each item will look approximately like the photos presented. Clarkware's functional and beautiful collection celebrates the warm and soothing colors of the ocean with a blend of aquamarine, seafoam and sailor blue pigments over a sandy colored buff stoneware clay body. Each color is twice handpainted by brushstroke onto the bisque-fired clay. This is quite time consuming but worth it in order to achieve Clarkware's signature Ocean Heirloom Lace design.


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